Adobe Connect

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a live e-learning system used in CIT to facilitate synchronous (i.e.: live) online classrooms.

Using Adobe Connect, it is possible to hold live online classroom sessions, involving people from anywhere in the world, in the same room at the same time.


How does Connect work?

Connect allows you, as an instructor, access to an online virtual classroom which you and your students share as a common space for teaching and learning. 

Connect generates a URL for each virtual classroom which can then provide to students, who only need a browser to be able to access the room.

Within this virtual classroom, Connect then provides a number of features that can be used:

  • An instructor can speak directly to students in real-time using a microphone and webcam.
  • Students have access to a chat section where they may enter in text which is displayed snychonously (i.e.: in real-time) to ask questions, provide feedback, etc.
  • Students can also be given microphone access in order to speak directly to the rest of the classroom to give feedback, to present, etc..
  • Documents can be shared in the virtual classroom by both an instructor and/ or students to show presentations, documents, etc
  • It is possible for either an instructor or students to share their screen in order to demonstrate an offline file/ activity.
  • Connect also allows for the use of virtual whiteboards which can be used to draw diagrams, images, etc. to better outline concepts.
  • Connect allows for the creation and use of on-the-fly polls and surveys for gathering opinion amongst students.
  • Break-out groups and spaces can be done for creating quick study or discussion groups amongst groups of students.


Where can I access Adobe Connect?

You can log into Adobe Connect in CIT via:


Where can I get training on using Adobe Connect?

Over the course of the academic year, the department will be running a number of training events in the Institute, which will include workshops and presentations on the effective use of Adobe Connect.

To see what training sessions will be coming soon and to book your place in an upcoming training session, please access the Upcoming Training Section

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