Canvas for Lecturers

Canvas will replace Blackboard from February of 2019 to become CIT’s new Digital Learning Management System. This semester 96 lecturing staff and over 1,500 students are using Canvas as part of an Early Adopter phase of the project. To learn more about what it means for you, check out the Frequently Asked Questions for lecturers.

When is it all happening?

Ahead of the full rollout, it is important that all staff and students have adequate time to prepare for the Change Over to Canvas. IT Services and the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning have launched a campaign to onboard users and to make the switch as seamless as possible.

Getting Early Access to Canvas

If you would like early access to Canvas, we can prepare a "Sandbox Module" - which is essentially a student-free zone on Canvas exclusive to you where you can experiment with the system without an audience. To do so follow the link below.

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