The Creator Project

Following the success of last year's Digital Champions @CIT series, the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning is delighted to facilitate the ongoing “The Creator Project”. The project involves staff who are interested in using video to enrich the teaching and learning experience. 


The concept behind the Creator Project relates to the use of video to create spaces in which to apply alternate pedagogical strategies (Sherin, 2004) and empower staff and students to create timely, meaningful and engaging content in online environments.

Participants in the project have each received a video camcorder to use in the project and to take on and use in future teaching and learning activities and projects. Working from participant's ideas and areas of interest on how to use video in their practice, they also receive a training on the fundamentals of video production with a focus on enriching the teaching and learning experience.

Creator’s Course:

Each “Creator” will learn how to shoot, edit and share video in a short 5 week course consisting of 5 x 40 minute sessions. The course will cover the following areas:

  • Pre--production: Before pressing record
  • Knowing your gear
  • Production skills: Organising your shoot
  • Shooting your video
  • Publishing: Getting it out there

The course is delivered using an active learning strategy, delivering the core content in a weekly video lesson online and reserving the face-to-face time for practical activities. In the course, staff will cover the relevant pedagogic strategies that could be explored using video for and with their students, as well as learning some basic skills on planning, producing, delivering and publishing video online.

Digital Badges:

Key to the course design in the Creator Project is its evidence-based approach. Staff are required to carry out a learning activity following each lesson and can, on completion of the course, receive a specially designed “digital badge” or “micro credential”, based on their involvement and learning within the project. The project will also culminate with each participating staff member presenting on their respective application of video to enrich the teaching and learning experience of their students.

Submission of evidence should be submitted via Blackboard.

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