Flipped Classroom

Why the Flipped Classroom?

The Department of Technology Enhanced Learning ultimately views the "flipped classroom" as a more student-centred approach to learning whereby students receive lecture materials before class, generally in some digital format, and spend the actual class time undertaking more active, collaborative activities.

As a result, the Department is active in engaging, researching and piloting the flipped classroom, both in and out of CIT, through a number of projects.

Flipped Classroom initatives by the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning


The Creator Project

The Creator Project, run by the Dept of TEL, involved providing participating CIT staff with a video camcorder to use in the project and to take on and use in future teaching and learning activities and projects.

The training on video production was facilitated using a flipped classroom approach - the Dept of TEL delivered the core learning content in online weekly video lessons and reserved weekly face-to-face time for practical activities & discussion.

A presentation on the flipped classroom approach for the Creator Project, along with the feedback it received, is available here:


The FlipIT project is an Erasmus+ project aimed at integrating the “flipped classroom” method into the pedagogical practice of VET schools and training centers in partner countries from across Europe.

As part of the project, the Department of TEL created a bespoke model aimed at helping educators to flip the classroom through identifying a number of key elements related to, e.g.: the pedagogical and technical training required, activities relevant for the student and educator in and out-of the classroom and considerations related to available time, student workload, etc.

A presentation on the flipped classroom model developed by the Dept of TEL is available here:

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