Basically we’re all about supporting learning and learners with technology.

We take an interest in a wide range of different online and digital technology, going all the way from basic web-based content and off the shelf teaching tools to the building of rich interactive learning apps, simulations and games.

We conduct ongoing research at national and international level into big trends and ideas in e-learning and technology-enhanced learning with current projects touching on topics such as learning analytics, game-based learning, gamification, wearable tech and augmented reality.

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Our research and development work informs the central work we do with staff and students in the Cork Institute. This work has two closely related aspects:

Online supports for and development of distance courses

The department has a special responsibility with regard to developing and supporting online distance education courses offered by the institute and furthermore in helping develop and implement strategy in that area. We aim to provide a flexible and effective way for students who, for whatever reason, cannot attend our physical campuses to participate in CIT courses remotely. This involves us working with staff to develop and support better ways to facilitate all aspects of the learning process online, from online teaching though to assessment, communication and peer learning.

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Online support for face-to-face courses

The department provides training and support for staff in the use of teaching tools and platforms such as the Blackboard Learning Management System and the Adobe Connect Live E-learning system to augment or complement CIT’s conventional face-to-face courses.

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