Canvas: At the Heart of CIT’s Online Learning System

Canvas is the institute’s Learning Management System (also known as a Virtual Learning Environment). The system is integrated with the institute’s Student Record System meaning that every module has its own area inside Canvas with all staff and students enrolled against it or given access to it based on the most up-to-date information. Canvas was originally chosen as the institute’s Learning Management System because it is so easy to use so even if you’ve not tried it before it is easy to pick up the basics. The system supports a number of important online teaching-related functions online.



Such functions include:

There are lots of ways to learn more about Canvas.

  1. All CIT teaching staff have been enrolled on a special “Canvas Learn” course which provides lots of additional information via Canvas itself.
  2. Instructure, the company behind Canvas also provides 24/7 support via text, webchat and email for staff and students alike. You can access this support from within Canvas.
  3. You can also find information on more advanced Canvas activities and features in the Canvas Knowledgebase, developed by the TEL Team
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