Commercial Projects

In addition to mainstream work in CIT and various activities funded under EU and national research and development programmes, the Department is involved in a range of commercial projects, typically involving the development of e-learning resources and solutions for corporate clients.

The full range of services offered includes:

  • Development of media-rich content for standalone or LMS-based deployment
  • Production and post-production for instructional video and other video-based educational implementations
  • Software training and software demo solutions
  • Usability testing particularly with regard to educational multimedia and e-learning implementations.
  • Research and development with regard to game-based learning, serious games and simulation.

In partnership with Webfios, a leading Irish-based e-learning company with offices in Dublin, Cork and the UK, the department has co-developed solutions for a range of high-profile clients in the telecommunications and financial sectors.

Some of the main work performed previously include:

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