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An integral aspect of the online learning experience at MTU is providing opportunities for students to engage and participate in their own learning. Students benefit from taking an active role in their learning and learning resources can help engage our students outside of class time and prepare them for, or supplement, class activities and assignments. However, we know and understand that preparing effective learning resources can be unwieldily and time-consuming.

With this in mind, the TEL team rolled out H5P across the university. H5P is an integration available in all Canvas modules that allows you to build, share and publish a wide range of interactive learning resources for your students. The tool provides creators with the ability to design interactive content like Interactive Videos, Presentations, Games, Quizzes and more. It can improve student engagement and learning in your Canvas module by providing students with content that can be interacted with, outside of class time and at the student's own pace. There are a wide range of content types available which can be used in a variety of ways from presenting information in an easier to read format to promoting higher order thinking through decision-making scenarios/case studies.


H5P overview

1. What is H5P?

2. Accessing H5P in Canvas

3. About Drill Down Reports



Designing Learning Content Types in H5P

There is a range of content types available in the H5P tool in Canvas. For a full list of tools and examples of how they can be used, go to

The following articles outline the most popular tools used by our users at MTU



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