Essential French

Type: Web Development Year: 2010 Partners:  Essential French, Enterprise Ireland



The Need:

Essential French sought to update their website and to launch an e-learning programme to Leaving Cert pupils throughout Ireland offering material to act as stand-alone revision material through online courses delivered via the Moodle Learning Management System.

The Solution:

A customised Learning Management System and a number of comprehensive e-learning tools (based upon Essential French’s existing approach for face-to-face tuitions) were developed, consisting of two online modules. Each module covers the areas of Listening, Reading and Vocabulary to aid students already attending courses at the Essential French Language Learning College. A web site with integrated social networking tools was also developed to serve as the client’s website.
Additional work is ongoing at the moment - developing a question and answer website with a user-generated-content approach, for use by Essential French students dealing with a range of subjects.

Who's Who?

Essential French is a grind school, providing French tuition to pupils for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert, established by Natasha Lynch in 1996. Since then, Natasha and her team have spent the past 17 years analyzing the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert French programme and devising how best to maximize points for students - via grinds and additional learning material such as notes, swot sheets, flashcards, tips and tricks, etc.



Essential French Learning Management System

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