European Projects

The department has historically lead and participated on a wide range of innovative EU-funded projects in the broad fields of ed-tech and Technology Enhanced Learning. Past projects were often funded under the Leonardo Da Vinci vocational training initiative and, latterly, the Erasmus Plus initiative. Links to current and recent EU research projects are listed below.

For a list of older project please click here.

  • Digital Treasures: An EU-funded (Creative Europe) project to increase knowledge and appreciation of European national archives. TEL’s role as creative digital media partner is to design, develop and validate a number of elearning, game-based learning and digital media solutions for the partnership.
  • Be A CyberPro: An EU-funded (ERASMUS+ Strategic partnerships) project to increase awareness of and interest in cybersecurity careers among girls and young women in secondary schools through an online course and the development of an educational computer game. Our role is to design and develop the game which is now almost complete.
  • Smart LMI: An EU-funded (ERASMUS+ Strategic partnerships) project, designed to help enrich the work of both job seekers and careers practitioners by harnessing the potential of open data and new technology to add an innovative new solution to skills self-assessment. The Dept of TEL’s role in this project is to develop a web application which serves to bring together a range of different data sources to support and scaffold the process of returning to work for low-skilled adults and marginalised young people through a user-driven approach
  • SFinLit: An ERASMUS+ funded project to develop free online training content for a range of stakeholders in the broad area of Socially responsible finance and investing. The Dept of TEL’s role in this project is to develop the platform for this online training content and to work with subject matter experts to develop media-rich interactive content.
  • Level Up: An EU-funded (ERASMUS+ Strategic partnerships) project aimed at introducing innovative practices within Vocational Education and Training (VET) and careers guidance through the use of state-of-the-art ICT practices and Game Based Learning (GBL) technology. The Dept of TEL’s role in this project was to develop a digital game which could be integrated into the practice of Career Guidance Professionals with a view to engaging young people and promoting VET career paths.
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