The Need

Research has indicated there are no female cybersecurity role models for girls to follow, and the cybersecurity stereotype is not what they want to be in the future. In fact, according to Janice Richardson, Senior Advisor of European Schoolnet: “Most young people (69%) haven’t met anyone who works in cybersecurity at all and even fewer (11%) have met a woman working in cybersecurity. But when they have, their opinion of the role skyrockets, with 63% of women thinking more positively about cybersecurity after meeting someone who works in the sector.” The stereotype of the solitary hacker hunched over a computer is too frequently used in media to represent the cybersecurity industry. But there is a wide variety of different positions in cybersecurity industry: from security architects building a company's security system, to Digital Forensics analysts and researchers analyzing data and evaluating its relevance to a case under investigation, or Chief Security Officers (CISO) in charge of aligning security with business objectives.

The aim of the Be@CyberPro Project is addressing the gender gap cybersecurity industry is facing by pairing with private sector firms and academic institutions and working with schools to foster cybersecurity careers and address the gender gap. Better information about cyber security careers could positively impact more young people choosing this path, and female models can motivate girls in cybersecurity education through:

  1. The development of problem-solving skills by means of cybersecurity challenges.
  2. Using a cyber environment that combines problem- game-, and virtual reality learning methods based on female positive roles in cybersecurity careers.
  3. Giving useful information to schools about the cybersecurity industry so they can inform students and their families.

The Solution

The main project results will include:

  1. An Educational Platform About Cybersecurity And Careers including curriculum and online training materials aimed at students and teachers, as well as, an awareness strategy and resources for families.
  2. AnEducational Immersive Video Game Using Real-life Context Scenarios including the development of an educational game with virtual/augmented reality and piloting of national validation events.
  3. AnEbook To Raise Awareness About Gender Equality In ICT: including the design and development of an eBook for raising awareness about gender equality in ICT.

Who's Who

Universidad Europea de Madrid (ES)
Cork Institute of Technology (IR)
Irish Computer Society (IR)
SZÁMALK school (HU)
University of Alcala (ES)
Colegio JOYFE (ES)
European Institute of Software, Centre Easter Europe (BU)
125th school (BU)


Be@CyberPro is funded under Erasmus+: Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnership, Innovation development

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