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From Wednesday March 18th to Wednesday May 25th, the TEL Department delivered a number of live online training sessions covering a range of topics and options with regard to Remote Teaching and Learning and Assessment. Sessions range from 30 to 40 minutes in length and were put together with a focus on how to  get set up with the various tools and platforms being provided. Recordings of all sessions can be found below; for further screencasts and support, go to our CIT staff guides to remote teaching online

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Gradebook Essentials (with Shane Cronin) --

Gradebook Review (with Shane Cronin) --

Canvas Assignments (with Darragh Coakley) --

Getting started with Automated Quizzes (with Shane Cronin) --

Advanced Automated Quizzes (with Shane Cronin) --

Overview of remote teaching options (with Darragh Coakley) --

Option 1: The Canvas Learning Management system (with Darragh Coakley) --

Option 2: Recording video and audio from your computer (with Darragh Coakley) --

Option 3: Delivering a live online class (with Shane Cronin) --


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