Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Course Code: CR_KINSE_9 Delivery: Part-time, Online Duration:  4 Semesters (24 months) Hosting Academic Department: Computing





Vincent Ryan
Department of Computer Science

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Who is this course aimed at?

Our online MSc in Cybersecurity programme is taught and is designed specifically for computing professionals working in the IT industry and has been designed to address the widening practical and theoretical skills shortage in Cybersecurity. The continuing trend of skills shortage in this area is predicted to increase the global demand for Cybersecurity graduates and the programme aims to develop world-class graduates through the programme’s strong applied emphasis which is supported by in-depth theoretical knowledge.


The programme has been developed with significant input from industry’s leading Information Security experts and has a focus on delivering content that follows best practice in industry. It aims to fill the ever increasing skills gap in this area and delivers material that follows the most current practice. Upon successful completion of this programme the student will both understand and deploy the most advanced methods to protect information at rest, in transit, and at work.


What skills will I learn?

Upon successful completion of the MSc in Cybersecurity programme, graduates will both understand and have the capacity to deploy many of the most advanced methods and systems to protect information at rest, in transit, and at work.


Modules in the programme include Applied Cryptography, Digital and Network Forensics, Penetration Testing, Analytics, Network Security, Malware Investigations, Cybersecurity Law, to name a few. Hands-on labs are provided through CIT’s private cloud giving students 24/7 access to state-of-the-art Information Security labs.


What are the benefits of doing the course online?

Doing the course online offers a large number of benefits to participating students. MTU Cork's online programmes offer you the opportunity to study within your own schedule and at your own location. Using state of the art communication and education technology, students will have live access to MTU lecturers and a range of international speakers. Live and recorded content allowing for meaningful interaction with fellow students and lecturers is a cornerstone of our lecturing approach on this programme. Thus, participants experience the benefits of various types of learning in an environment that is conducive to busy lifestyles.


All classes are delivered over the Internet and all practical work is completed using MTU's cloud infrastructure. Lectures are delivered using Adobe Connect and labs are available 24/7 using MTU's world-class private cloud environment. Our current online students are based in Ireland, the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South America and the USA.


What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity can be defined as the protection of information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Today, Cybersecurity is becoming a function of increasing importance for the continued operation of commercial entities. The increasing level of interconnectedness of information networks and the reliance of business models on this interconnectedness has resulted in a network currently (the Internet) that has over a yottabyte of information stored, much of which is unsecured. This continuing trend is predicted to strongly increase the importance of Information Security within most multinational entities.


A quick testimonial

” In 2008-2009, there were a few Security Masters courses on offer in Ireland but after careful research I decided to register for the CIT MSc Networking and Security (the previous version of MSc in Cybersecurity). This was definitely the best career move I have ever made in my 15 years’ experience. Even though 2009 was the first year this MSc was offered, the course was technically excellent, also covering the legal and management aspects of Cybersecurity required for any IT Security related role. I have had discussions with many MSc Security holders from different Institutions and I can safely say the content and technical labs delivered as part of this CIT MSc are second to none.”
Eoin Carroll – Security Architect and Senior Security Manager, Intel Security


More Course Information

The MSc in Cybersecurity is a 90 credit programme, consisting of 60 credits worth of taught modules and a 30-credit project. It is expected that part-time students can complete this programme in 2 calendar years, and the programme is offered in a timetabled manner to support this. Full-time students would normally complete the programme in one calendar year.


In the event that a student completes the 60 taught credits and is unable to complete the project (30 credits), that student can opt to receive the Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Cybersecurity. A student who receives a PGDip in Cybersecurity, and who, after some time, decides that (s)he wishes to complete the MSc, has the option of revoking their PGDip, completing the 30-credit project and then presenting themselves for the MSc in Cybersecurity.



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Detailed information on the timetable for the MSc in Cybersecurity is available here.

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