Online Teaching Approaches

Live Online Lectures

Some lecturers may choose to organise live online class with you and your classmates. For live class delivery the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning has provided lecturers with the ability to create live online classes using Zoom inside Canvas. Here, lecturers can invite you to join a live online class from the relevant module area inside Canvas. During the live online class itself, your lecturer has the ability to share their video, voice, slides, or desktop with you in real time. Sessions can also be recorded and, if this is done, those recordings will appear in Canvas also. 




There are a number of ways in which your lecturer might decide to facilitate your learning during the remote teaching period.

Some lecturers may also be making use of screencasting or other software to create more media-rich content in the form of narrated slides shows, video or software demos.

Canvas offers a number of different ways to support learning.

Different types of learning supports in Canvas

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