Type: Erasmus+ Year: 2014 Partners:  Business foundation for Education (BFE), Centro Italiano per l’Apprendimento Permanente (CIAPE), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED), Aspire-i Ltd. and BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH



The Need:

Rapidly developing technologies have changed professional requirements and young adults need to be prepared to join the workforce in an advancing digital world. The project addresses the need for career counsellors to also consider these requirements as these technologies not only impact young adults but also their counsellors, trainers and guidance practitioners.

The Solution:

The Prometheus project looks to aid career counsellors in making the counselling process more relevant to the needs and attitudes of a new generation of digital natives by providing an online platform with peer networking opportunities and offering a repository of best practices and online guides and toolkits for counsellors.

Who's Who?

  • The BFE has been working for years for the recognition of the career counselling profession in Bulgaria and Europe and on the establishment of the professional capacity for offering high quality career services. As official representative for the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) the BFE team has trained and certified an outstanding number of career counsellors from all dimensions of the labour market. In addition, the team has extensive experience in project coordination and cooperation.
  • CIAPE is a recognized soft skills training provider. The organization is also very experienced in validation of soft skills and developing innovative ideas based on providing access to learning to wide range of target groups. The main focus of the organizations activities is the creation of innovative learning media.
  • The IED vision is to create an environment that promotes sense of entrepreneurship. They offer consulting and training services to different target groups and has developed innovative tools in a number of fields.
  • Aspire-i Ltd. is the largest careers guidance and training organisation in the Yorkshire region of the UK, offering careers guidance to young people in schools and colleges, and to adults through the National Careers Service.  It also provides vocational training for young people in a number of areas.
  • BEST is an independent vocational qualification institute with outstanding experience in training provision and delivery to a wide range of target groups. In addition, the institute develops and offers up to date e-Learning based training.


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