Smart LMI

For low-skilled adults, the link which the app draws between an assessment of transversal skills and labour market information (LMI) will help them identify areas where they need to re/up-skill, and so begin to address growing skills mismatches across Europe. Equally, the delivery of guidance/LMI through a digital app addresses the needs of young people with basic skills. By providing information through a medium this group are already comfortable in using, young people will be able to see direct links between training pathways and career progression, meaning they will be more motivated to improve their skillset.

The Project is aimed at:

Careers Practitioners

Users of Careers Services

Marginalised Young People

Low-skilled Adults

The main area in which project outcomes will strengthen the educational landscape is through the professional development of careers practitioners. Many advisors are from a generation who grew up before the digital revolution and so they often feel unconfident in their own digital skills. This means that they are reluctant to include digital tools in their work. Yet, this is in opposition to many of their clients, who are digital natives and so expect a digitalised element within guidance, something which could negatively impact service provision in the long-term.

Among other results, the Project will produce:

Smart LMI App
The app will bring together different data sources to allow users to access information on skills, their application to different jobs/ sectors and real-time LMI

Research Report on the Digital Exploitation of LMI
The report will research how LMI is used in digital tools across Europe. Of particular concern will be the data sources used, the technical requirements surrounding the tools, how resources are future-proofed and the policy frameworks supporting these practices

Best Practices in Skills Validation and Self-assessment
Research will also be carried out into current best practices within European careers guidance on the use of skills validation and self-assessment tools in digital resources. The focus of these best practices will be on the format and impact of resources

CPD Resources for Career Professionals
The project will develop a series pf resources (webinars, training materials, etc.) based on the results from the desk research to help up-skill practitioners and maximise the adoption of digital resources in career guidance. These will focus on topics such as embedding LMI in guidance, how to make the most of digital resources, etc.

How To Video Guide
In order to complement the upskilling of practitioners’ general skills, the project will produce a video “How To” guide which will deal specifically with the app. This will show practitioners how to make the most of the app, both in terms of its functionality and embedding it into wide guidance services

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