MA in E-Learning Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from graduates of the MA in E-Learning Design and Development.

AlejandroWhat I would highlight about the program is how it is structured: in the first semester, it balances theoretical aspects from, for example, instructional design or research methods, with practical applications through asynchronous activities and the learning of authoring tools. The discussions with experts from different areas of e-learning helped broaden the vision of the various sectors and perspectives of work, which was very valuable. All this is then applied in the second semester in completing the thesis and the project, which allows integration of what has been learned in an area defined by oneself, giving greater value to the participants

– Alejandra Åvilla - Graduate 2022

Gary MeylerA true highlight of the programme for me was the "eureka" moment when both my project and my thesis finally started to take shape. From Instructional Design theory and New Media discussions, through to Games & Narrative for Learning and Research Methods, every module in semester one contributed to the foundations of semester two’s work.

I would strongly advise prospective students to proactively reach out to the rest of the class using the available tools. Our year communicated with one another using Slack and Zoom to form groups and arrange unofficial weekly meet-ups which proved essential to completing the course, especially throughout semester two

– Gary Meyler - Graduate 2022


terry fannonThe Masters program was one of the most informative and supportive learning opportunities I have ever undertaken. This program allowed me to explore my own areas of interest, while learning valuable technical skills, and providing a thorough grounding in learning theories, current and emerging technologies in this space. It allowed me to learn more about myself!
Working as a Senior eLearning Solutions Consultant with Enovation Solutions it was a wonderful experience to be on the receiving end of E-Learning, it certainly opened my eyes and broadened my understanding of the E-learning environment from a learner perspective. The flexibility that E-Learning has heralded, in contrast to the traditional bricks-and-mortar classroom learning, has provided me with the opportunity to develop skills whilst at the same time allowing me with the means to balance this with my workplace and family commitments.
I chose to pursue my Masters degree through the internet because it provided a realistic balance between family, work and professional development, all of which are important to me. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone wishing to pursue a career in the rapidly changing world of eLearning technology.

– Terry Fannon, Graduate 2016


james wakefieldThe course provides a very well structured insight into the potential of technology for training and education. I really valued the ability to undertake the course remotely and according to a schedule which suited my full time work commitments. The fact that all lectures were recorded meant that when I was unable to attend (virtually), I was able to catch up at a time convenient to myself.
The course is led by a team of thoroughly engaging and very talented lecturers and the programme is enhanced by weekly guest lectures who give an exciting insight into the world of e-Learning research and the professional e-Learning sector.
Having completed the course I feel empowered to improve the range and scope of learning technologies being leveraged within my organisation. I have a much broader understanding of what is possible currently, and the confidence to imagine what may well be possible in the future.

– James Wakefield, Graduate 2016


bryan leahyAs someone with an engineering background and little experience in eLearning, I thought this MA would be a good way to upskill for my current position as a trainer with a forensic equipment company. The course certainly didn't disappoint. It was engaging and relevant from the beginning and exceeded my expectations in every way. As well as developing practical skills in the industry's leading authoring tools and learning management systems, expert instruction and insight was provided on instructional design, game-based learning and industry best practices.
The asynchronous delivery was a perfect fit for me as I travel quite a bit for work and couldn't commit to being in the same place at the same time each week. Exceptionally high quality material was delivered throughout by lecturers and guest speakers who were knowledgeable, approachable, and had an authenticity that only comes from being practitioners in the field. They really practice what they preach!
As someone who works remotely anyway, I didn't feel any disconnect from classmates or faculty members, all of whom were active on the course's dedicated Google Community. While the course was quite intense at times, and there were a few demanding periods when assessment deadlines were looming, I would highly recommend this MA to colleagues and friends with an interest in technology enhanced learning.

– Bryan Leahy, Graduate 2016


brian buglerMy background is in the Audio Visual area in a third level institute. The need for me to provide training courses to staff on digital signage technologies (and other technologies) led me to undertake this Masters. The course is quiet intensive but I was able to undertake it while also carrying out my regular day job. It was structured with regular milestones which allowed me to focus on my work knowing that the work and knowledge was accumulating in order to complete the main theses and project in the final part of the course. The lecturers are excellent in their own fields, they are extremely patient and helpful and my class mates were always there in our virtual hangout to answer questions, bounce ideas off and chat about assignments. Even though I never met any of my classmates until graduation day it was great to be able to have a classroom feel – virtually.

– Brian Bugler, Graduate 2015


I've always been convinced of the benefits of online learning for the busy professional, so when I was given an opportunity to be involved in the development of an online Masters programme in UCC, I was delighted to get involved. Then I thought it would be good to have some specific training so I applied for the Online MA in E-Learning, Design and Development in CIT. I was not disappointed and I've not looked back!
This programme gave me the tools to develop an online education programme with confidence especially learning how to effectively design programmes for the online learner. The programme was recently evaluated by an extern and pronounced to be ' of very high quality and one we should all be proud of'. I know that I could not have coordinated such a programme without the MA in E-Learning course and all that I learnt from it. This programme will give anyone involved in online learning the skills, knowledge and whereforall to speak with confidence about online learning and to design effective online programmes.
I was recently awarded the Wiley Faculty Fellows for my role in online learning in UCC because of a record for innovative teaching and learning using new pedagogical and technological approaches to student instruction. The skilled and knowledgeable lecturers of the MA in E Learning, Design and Development, are supportive no matter how much prior knowledge you have about e learning, and they skillfully guide you to becoming a competent professional in the field. I cannot recommend the course enough!

– Colette Cunningham, Graduate 2014


E-Learning was field I had always been interested in as a secondary school teacher, but one not readily accessible to me. The MA in E-Learning Design and Development at CIT provided me, not only with an excellent and comprehensive education in the field, but also with the support I needed as someone who had rarely used E-Learning in their profession. The course was intensive but very interesting. The demands were high but the rewards very worthwhile also, as I have now changed profession completely to work full-time as an Instructional Designer.

– Tara Dignam, Graduate 2015


The MA in E-Learning Design and Development at CIT is delivered in a very creative way that encouraged us students to strive for excellence, think outside the box and deliver real-world solutions. The course of study not only helped me to progress in the academic field, but also taught me a lot about different software applications and how to appreciate their use in a fast moving e-learning development environment. The course is demanding - I was never bored, constantly busy, but always glad I took this study opportunity at CIT.
Thanks to my time on the MA in E-Learning Design and Development I now work as an Instructional Designer with a major multinational corporation.

– Tim Murphy, Graduate 2014


peter weadackAs an accounting lecturer on non-traditional business degrees, with previous experience and qualifications in the eLearning space, I would whole-heartedly endorse the online MA in eLearning Design & Development. I finished the degree with real skills in gaming and authoring software and an enhanced intellectual understanding of my area of interest and of academic enquiry and research. The course is well designed and chock-full of stimulating, relevant material. The friendly lecturers are a cohesive team and are highly invested in the course and practiced in their areas. The assessments are instructive in themselves and the feedback constructive and always helpful. The weekly lecture schedule is intense – but I found myself looking forward to putting on my headphones every evening and tuning into the new topic and my online classmates.
Masters programmes sometimes don’t deliver on the promotional blurb – this one does.

– Peter Weadack, Graduate 2015

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