Teaching and Learning during the pandemic at MTU

About the video series

This video series was produced and created as part of an initiative funded by Ireland's National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. The series features staff and students from MTU's Cork and Kerry campuses talking about their experiences of Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning during the pandemic. The series was filmed in November 2021 and captures a lot of the creative problem solving and innovative work that went on at all levels in the university in navigating the many challenges of MTU's own "great onlining".

Many thanks to all of our 23 interviewees and to TEL Department colleagues Shane Cronin and Brendan Flaherty for production and postproduction work and to our colleague Christina Pinkaow for graphic design. Thanks again also to the National Forum for sponsoring and support.

The series was produced by the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning

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Episode 1: "The Move to Online"

Episode 2: "Learning & Using New Tool & Technologies"

Episode 3: "Creativity in Action"

Episode 4: "Opportunities for the Future"

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