CIT Website Development

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The Need:

In order to publicise and provide information on projects, departments, etc. in which departments in CIT are involved, websites and online resources are frequently developed in order to present the results of these projects, departments, etc. to stakeholders.

The Solution:

A number of websites and online resources were developed to promote and provide information on  results, aims and objectives, etc. Please see the results section to see the appropriate urls.

Who's Who?

  • The Nimbus Centre at CIT is Ireland’s only research centre devoted to the field of networked embedded electronic systems. It supports three individual pillars: Research, Learning and Industry. The ‘Industry’ pillar is known as the TEC Gateway.
  • The TEC Gateway is the industry interface of the Nimbus Centre. We are Ireland’s only research centre devoted to the field of embedded electronic systems.
  • The Roadmap for Employment – Academic Partnerships (REAP) – was a collaborative project involving eight Higher Education Institutional partners, for the research, development and validation of a Higher Education- Industry Partnership Model and Roadmap.
  • The Education in Employment (EINE) Project was focused on offering relevant education and progression opportunities to those already “in employment” rather than those preparing “for employment” and to provide access routes for the non-traditional student.
  • The CIT Library Guide is aimed at showing students how to acquire and utilise some of the best available academic resources for their research in CIT Library.


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