Green Games in Tourism & Hospitality

Type: Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci Action Year: 2013 Partners:  FH Joanneum University, Caped Koala Studios, Prospektiker, Adelphi, Clean Technology Center



The Need:

With 2014 designated as the “European Year Against Food Waste” at a European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg (19/01/2012), the GGTH project aims to develop a free online digital game to help students within the Tourism and Hospitality sector train and implement knowledge, skills, strategies, tools and regulations related to food and water waste and energy management.

The Solution:

The GGTH consortium will develop a digital game, along with associated guidelines, good practice guides, training material and prominent European bank of resources, to innovate and support improvements for students, vocational teachers and others within VET systems and practices in the tourism and hospitality sector – specifically in the areas of food and water waste management and energy management.

Who's Who?

  • FH JOANNEUM is a leading European university of applied sciences with standards set to compete with the best universities in Europe.
  • Caped Koala Studios is a social-networking, immersive-learning and entertainment company with a passion for creativity in education, committed to developing a love of learning.
  • Prospektiker is an independent organisation providing regional and local development, clean production and information services related to the environment.
  • Adelphi is a Berlin-based non-profit and independent institution for applied environmental research and policy analysis.





Project Game: - App Store - Google Play Store

Project Booklet:

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