Serious Sports

Type: Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci Action Year: 2011 Partners:  London South Bank University, FH Joanneum University, Semmelweis University, Simsoft Ltd, Oulu University



The Need:

The Serious Sports project aimed to develop a digital sports game and reusable framework that will offer sports/fitness coaches the opportunity to simulate the physical conditioning, training content and structure in different (training) seasons for a European-wide sparring sport. In addition, the project set out to provide resources and self-assessment techniques as part of this digital sports game to support coaches, vocational teachers and others involved in sports through game based learning and reinforcement techniques.

The Solution:

  • The Serious Sports project developed an online digital basketball coaching game aimed at teaching basketball training fundamentals and competences associated with basketball.
  • As part of this game development, the partnership also developed a reusable framework that which was used to populate the digital game with information for a given sport and which can thus be used to expand the scope of the project to benefit a wider variety of trainers and coaches in the future.
  • The project also developed a central European bank of resources and information for sports trainers, providing information related to digital sports games.

Who's Who?

  • FH JOANNEUM is a leading European university of applied sciences with standards set to compete with the best universities in Europe.
  • Semmelweis University, Faculty of PE and Sport Sciences is the largest, the most comprehensive and oldest centre for education and training is sport in Hungary.
  • Simsoft works in a variety of projects in the field of simulation systems and electronic games, developing electronic games for several purposes and audiences, including military, schools, corporations, etc.
  • The Learning and Research Services Unit is the biggest special unit in Oulu University, carrying out tasks involving continuing education, open universities and regional development and research services.
  • The Academy of Sport at LSBU is a unique combination of areas including taught courses, research units, sports science support services, as well as sports development.
  • SCIENTER is a leading European research centre in the field of Distance Learning at a European level with expertise in the research and evaluation of Open Distance and e-Learning.



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